Being 13 is probably the hardest thing I've ever done.  Everyone keeps telling me I'm just a kid but I'm tired of kid's games and the same old things I've been doing for the past 13 years.  Soon I'll be 14 and I'll be that much closer to being somewhat independant .  My dream right now is to buy a scooter by the time I'm 15 so that I can help out my Mom with grocery shopping, odd babysitting  jobs and driving myself to the beach in the summer.  Scooters are expensive and something that is probably out of reach for my parents; another source of frustration for me.  If I could get a job after school and on weekends perhaps I could save for a scooter and feel more like I'm contributing.

2 years Later
     I'm finally turning 15 next month and I can start looking at buying a scooter.  The cost is high but perhaps I can find a good second hand scooter at a reasonable price.  I've managed to save $75 towards a scooter but that is not even close to what I'll need.  I've started searching through the advertisements at the IGA but haven't seen any second hand scooters in the area.  Perhaps I'll change my strategy and start looking at Kijiji ads in Montreal.

1 Month Later
    I can't believe it.  I've found a Kijiji listing for a good second hand scooter right here in Knowlton.   I talked to Mom and Dad and they said if I can find a good second hand scooter at a really good price they'll see what they can do to help me.  I have an appointment to look at the scooter this afternoon so I'll take a run over on my bike and  have a quick look.

Well, I think I've found my scooter.  The lady that had it for sale was really nice but a little bit eccentric.  She introduced herself as "Pinky" which is what I should have expected because her hair is a really bright pink.  I think she's at least 110 years old so I know she's taken really good care of the scooter.  My scooter is bright pink and of course "Pinky" offered to give me her helmet to go with the scooter.  Wouldn't you know it, the helmet is also bright Pink, just what a teenage girl needs to get teased at school.   I mentioned to "Pinky" that I had saved up $75 so far to buy the scooter and asked her if she would consider payments for the rest.  After some serious thought Pinky suggested that instead of making payments perhaps a better arrangement would be for me to run errands for her and she would pay me to pick up groceries, mail and whatever other errands she needed me for.   Looks like I've bought myself a scooter.

1 Year Later
     My scooter is running perfect and I'm so happy.  Pinky has me running all kinds of errands and I managed to pay off my scooter after only  6 months.  Pinky also told a lot of her friends that I was running errands for her and now her friends are paying me to run their errands as well.   The owner of the IGA heard that I was running errands for the seniors in Knowlton and he's offered to pay me to deliver groceries around town.  I'm actually making some pretty good money at this and helping to pay my way at home.   Today I ordered some business cards from a printing company and I'm going to post them on the bulletin boards around town.  I'm still being teased by  the kids at school because of my Pink Scooter and helmet but once I tell them that's part of my business plan they back down pretty quickly.

Bad News
     Dad came home today and broke the news that he's been laid off his job at the plant where he works.  He says jobs are hard to find and perhaps we'll have to move so that he can find work again.  I'm so depressed.

The Business Plan
     I showed Dad my business plan and mentioned that I needed a partner to make deliveries outside of town.  Having nothing to do Dad volunteered to help out so we formed a legitimate company with both of us as equal partners.  I've also decided to expand the "Pinky's Scooter Delivery Company" so I hired some friends in Cowansville.  We started  out small (using bicycles) but added 2 more scooters this summer and the business is doing well.  Dad is getting contracts for deliveries to Montreal and back so the business is rolling along.  I'm turning 16 next month and I'm already planning an expansion to St. Jean, Bedford, Dunham and Farnham and perhaps even Granby.  All the kids at school want to be a "Pinky's Scooter" Delivery agent so finding willing workers is no problem at all.

 2 Years Later
    Well, things haven't gone quite according to plan.  We managed to expand  to several other towns in Quebec but after talking to an accountant Dad and I decided to start up "Pinky's Scooter Delivery" franchise operations.  We contacted several schools in Montreal and have set up 3 franchise operations already.  The schools even hired us to make deliveries for them so the franchise operations are well under way.  We've been approached by investors who want to expand the operation clear across Canada.  I'm seeing more and more "Pinky's Scooters" all over the place and now we've even started seeing "Pinky's Scooter Cars" in some of the larger cities.  All of the cars are bright pink just like the original "Pinky's Scooter".  To expand on our brand we've mounted large "Pinky Scooter Helmets" on all our vehicles.  Dad says another 5 years of this and he can retire.

10 Years Later
     Dad retired quite a few years ago but still keeps his hand in the game.  We've expanded into the United States and are talking about expanding operations into Europe.  We're becoming a global company now and have partnerships around the world.    I'm still doing deliveries for "Pinky" and her friends.   Our head office located in Syracuse, New York prominently displays the original "Pinky's Scooter" in it's front lobby along with a picture of "Pinky" herself.   The original "Pinky's Scooter" has been completely rebuilt, now I'm thinking seriously of adding our first "Pinky's Harley" to our  fleet of "Pinky's Scooters".  My friends think it's cool but Mom and Dad are having a fit.  Oh well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

The End