The Headless Flying Fish

    Far, far away from the traffic, smog, construction and bustle of the big city, there lived a poor old fisherman and his family.  The old fisherman started every day by going down to the water's edge at sunrise, unloading his old truck and loading his old boat with fishing poles, nets, life jackets, a lunch or two, a can of worms and his old pal Rupert.  His very favourite fishing hole was located just off of Eagle Island in the shallow waters where the winter ice washed the gravel and sand which created the perfect warm summer waters that the Bass preferred.  Throughout all kinds of harsh storms and rainy weather, during the spring, the summer and even into the fall, the fisherman would head off in search of a fabled Largemouth Bass named Witch's Brew, which his father had described to him as a boy.  His father had named the Largemouth Bass Witch's Brew because no matter how many times his father had hooked the giant fish on his fishing line, the giant Bass managed to escape and take the bait with him.  His father was sure that this particular Largemouth Bass actually taunted him and played games with him and it was only the Magic of the Lake that enabled the giant to escape every time.

     The shallows were a perfect spot for all kinds of activities.  Rupert loved to jump overboard and swim around the sandy shallows, often spotting smaller fish and chasing them until he grew tired of the game.  The poor fisherman would often join Rupert in the fun as the summer sun would become unbearably hot and sleep would overcome the two friends sitting silently in their boat.  The water was always sparkling fresh, clean and clear and enabled the 2 friends to see to the very bottom of the shallow waters.  Quite often they would spot Witch's Brew swimming along the bottom of the lake next to the old boat.  Eventually if the giant fish stuck around long enough the old fisherman would throw his fishing line overboard, knowing that it was an impossible dream to ever catch the enormous beast.

     One day a cottager from the island pulled up to the fisherman's boat and asked him if he could help with some carpentry work on the island.  After having a particularly bad week and not catching any fish at all, the poor fisherman decided that he needed the extra money to help support his family so he reluctantly agreed.  All week long he would arrive at the water's edge at sunrise and instead of loading his boat with fishing gear he would transfer saws, hammers, nails, screws, screw drivers, a measuring tape, lumber and an assortment of other carpentry tools to the old boat for the trip over to Eagle Island.  Unfortunately, his old pal Rupert wasn't allowed on the island as the cottagers had their own dogs to worry about.

     One day the fisherman was on his way to Eagle Island when he spotted something quite large in the shallow water by the Island.  Being curious he headed right for his favourite fishing hole.  Once he got close enough he realized that this was no fish, this was a large Bald Headed Eagle which had become entangled in an old fishing net which had drifted into the shallow waters.  Turning off the motor to his boat, the old fisherman took out his weathered boat oars and paddled as close as he dared to the trapped bird.  Using an old pair of leather gloves, a pocket knife which he always kept under the seat of his boat and an old towel wrapped around his arm he eventually freed the Eagle and watched as it disappeared from sight into the morning sky.  He quickly retrieved the fishing net from the water in order to prevent anything else from becoming trapped and headed for his morning chores on the island.

     That evening after a long day of performing repairs on the island cottages the poor fisherman loaded his boat for the return trip home.  On his third trip to retrieve his tools he heard an awful crashing sound coming through the giant trees surrounding the cottages.  Guessing that this must be a broken branch falling from the trees the fisherman froze where he stood and gazed up into the trees. Within seconds, a very large headless fish flew out of the trees and landed with a thud within inches of where he stood.  This was no normal fish.  This was a gigantic Largemouth Bass that looked strikingly familiar.  And then he knew.  He had at last caught the Witch's Brew, but how was that possible?  And then he figured it out.  This was a gift from the Bald Headed Eagle that he had rescued earlier that morning.  And that's how the poor old fisherman caught a headless flying fish in the middle of the woods.

The End